Learn about Google’s top-ranking factors


The Google ranking factors define the best results of the research, which promotes the great strength of the seeker.

Currently, Google uses a complex and high-tech algorithm to rank each site, always in order of relevance, which are analyzed in milliseconds when searching.

There are about 200 ranking factors , but not all items are disclosed by search engines, so there is no definitive list of what may or may not influence the presentations and criteria.


The domain is a relevant factor for Google to validate at the time of the search, where it checks the domain’s age, as older sites tend to have more content and thus more links and visitors.

The domain’s history is also evaluated, checking if it has negative results and ranking. 


Page optimizations help in SEO strategies , whether in content or source code. The page load speed directly influences the results , and in 2018, Google started to validate the page load on mobile.

Broken links bring frustration to the user experience, and this causes Google to demote some pages, as well as meaningless and confusing categorization makes the end user frustrated and spend less time on your page.


The presence of the keyword is essential for validating the factors, as Google highlights the importance of the term. The keyword in the ranking is not a direct factor, but it attracts the user in the results listing . 

Long content tends to be deeper, which provides more value to the reader, as well as the content must also be original, as plagiarism and duplication can lead to penalties by the search engine.

Texts, images, videos and GIFs tend to make the user experience more pleasant, and this helps and keeps the page always well placed next to the others.


A logical, intuitive and simple website makes it better ranked. Offering many features, making the site heavy, providing a bad experience, which loses point with the search engine. 

It is very important to keep the site secure, so that whenever the links are read, reliability is guaranteed. Remembering that the site’s architecture is essential, as Google needs to understand your pages, index all of them and keep the structure logical and agile.


The bounce rate is when the user accesses the link, does not interact and then leaves the page. As much as it doesn’t have a direct link, it’s a signal to Google that the page doesn’t have a good answer for the keyword in question. The length of stay is also an indication of relevance to the content presented. 

These two issues are controversial before the search engine, but in studies carried out, there is a connection with ranking factors yes.

The more visitors return to your page, the better the results will be, transforming hits into indexes that the content always meets the needs sought.

Algorithm Rules

Some rules are pre-established and related to search and user, such as user location, browsing history, search history, branded searches and keyword searches.

As there are countless factors, every year there are new and new rules to be followed, where Google is always improving its algorithm to always bring the most accurate results to the end user.

It’s nice to always keep an eye out for updates so your page doesn’t drop in the rankings, and you offer the best user experience.

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