The download numbers are a highlight and, according to data released by Analyst Center Sensor Tower in 2021, it became the second most downloaded app of the year.

Competing with major social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, the former – which became TikTok due to the acquisition by other developers – came to impact and stay for a long time on the smartphone of many people, serving for fun, entertainment, and business.

Want to know more about the success of this social network? In this article you will see:

  • what is TikTok;
  • what really caused TikTok to grow;
  • what are the features of the TikTok app;
  • digital marketing strategies on TikTok;
  • where to download TikTok.

What is TikTok?

As we mentioned before, TikTok emerged in 2018 from a merger with – an application focused on music – and it is a social network that allows the recording and dissemination of videos with very short duration, ranging from 15 to 60 seconds.

The proposal of the old application focused on music remains, however, the idea for it to gain an upgrade to compete with larger applications on the market and that we’re in the same segment, was presenting ways of interaction between users.

The app has become a phenomenon, breaking download records around the world, giving people the opportunity to make creative edits and use a variety of filters.

These features made TikTok grow and beyond being just an application for voiceovers, dances, and music, becoming a de facto social network. In the United States, for example, the app has already surpassed Instagram and has become the most downloaded one today.

It was expected that this growth would draw the attention of large companies and soon the participation of influencers from the network for brand promotion campaigns began to happen.

But what really caused TikTok to grow?

The application’s developer, the Chinese ByteDance, had already thought and studied a move so that the application was considered a great phenomenon.

When the merger took place, its strategy was already focused on market segmentation and totally focused on the young audience, with a focus on music.

By identifying the success that the old had become, the Chinese developers had already understood that this field would be something that would grow and become a great business opportunity.

Soon, this strategy became the main point for the number of downloads to be exorbitant – around 718 million by 2019 – and for the application’s popularity to be gaining ground in such a short time.

Conquering the entire world market

As an app created in China, most of its audience was initially located in Asia itself – India and China mainly. However, as we mentioned earlier, the abrupt growth made TikTok gain popularity in several countries.

Currently, the offices are spread across Shanghai, China, and Silicon Valley, United States, attracting employees even from the big social network, Facebook.

And it couldn’t be different, could it?

With only 3 months of operation and operation, the application had already gained more than 130 million active users, filling the eyes of big investors and showing developers that the initial strategy had already been achieved.

What are TikTok’s features?

One of TikTok’s main goals is, of course, to stimulate the creativity of its users, so that they can produce video content.

In addition, changes that have occurred over time allow people to edit their own videos and do voiceovers.

Many other tools added with a focus on improving content production for everyone are added with every update.

Some people, having been present on the platform for a long time, have become influencers and popular, carrying millions of followers.

With all this present to stimulate the creativity of the platform’s content creators, TikTok also allows the use of various functions that we already know from other social networks for the dissemination and interaction of users. Look:

Use of hashtags on the platform

The app allows you to segment videos through hashtags, just like Instagram. Inserting the right tag, you find different content and different themes.

Because of this, to gain visibility, the use of hashtags is essential. Those who search for content through hashtags, or end up clicking on one that another creator used, will always find more of the videos and content!

It is also possible to send messages in TikTok

The direct message feature is something that definitely cannot be lacking in any app!

The platform has this feature, making interaction available to users through private and direct messages.

How is digital marketing on TikTok

We know that well-crafted campaigns can provide incredible reach and results, don’t we?

Many influencers who go viral are sought by marketing agencies and companies for dissemination on the platform. With its more humorous and laid-back tone, the advertising content in the app attracts young people and teenagers.

In TikTok Ads, it is possible to create video and banner ads that will be delivered to the targeted audience and big brands are joining the ads on this social network.

Obviously, some issues require special attention before entering this universe. These are just a few things influencers understand to understand strategy, define strategy, define a release plan, and apply it to content.

As on this platform, everything goes viral very quickly, bringing great visibility to the brands, it is necessary to think carefully about what will be disclosed and how it will be done. 

  • study your audience, the way you communicate and interact with the videos;
  • post original content and add something to the lives of those who are watching;
  • maintain a frequency in publications.