Affiliate Marketing – Types of Disclosure


You already know how Affiliate Marketing is formed; now you will know which types of advertising are most used to attract customers.

See below.

Cost per Click (CPC)

CPC is the type of disclosure in which the affiliate receives money for each click made.

The affiliate receives money from the producer or company every time someone clicks on the ad on the blog, fan page, website or any other place where the ad is being linked. Clicks are counted and monetized in any ad format. The affiliate will receive payment per click on banner, text, email marketing, image, pop-up…

The value for each click is fixed, according to each advertiser.

Cost per Action (CPA)

CPA is a type of disclosure in which the affiliate receives payment for an action performed by the user. In this type of disclosure, in addition to clicking on the ad, the user needs to take some action so that the affiliate can receive remuneration.

These actions can be filling out a form, registering on the website, downloading some material or something similar. As you can understand, the remuneration paid by the company or the producer is counted for the actions performed by the user.

Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM)

Cost per Thousand Impressions is another type of Affiliate Marketing disclosure. This type of advertisement is only used for advertisements in banner advertising format.

In other words, the affiliate receives money every time he reaches one thousand impressions of the advertiser’s banner on his blog or his social network page. This accounting is done whenever a user accesses the page where the ad banner is displayed, either at the end of the content or on the side of the page.

For this reason, generating traffic is extremely important; after all, the more visitors accessing your page, the more impressions will be counted and the higher your remuneration.

Cost per Sale (COGS)

In the CPV disclosure type, the affiliate receives a fee for each sale made. In this type of disclosure, the affiliate does not receive money for each click; this time, the user needs to purchase the product.

In other words, the affiliate needs to advertise the product in its communication channels and convert the user into a customer to receive remuneration with each sale. In CPV disclosure, the affiliate receives a commission for every sale he makes through his unique affiliate link.

But, in this type of disclosure, the affiliate needs to have an audience formed and with a lot of influence over it because, in this way, he will be able to make more sales.

Cost per Valid Lead (CPL)

The CPL Affiliate Marketing disclosure type is when the affiliate receives a fee for every user’s valid action.

The affiliate receives money when, after clicking, the user performs an action that generates value for the advertiser, such as when the visitor is converted into a lead.

Cost per Form (CPF)

In Cost per Form, the affiliate is remunerated whenever the user fills out a form, leaving their contact details. The type of form doesn’t matter. It can be a complex form, where the user needs to fill in a lot of information and answer any questions, or a simple form, with a name and email. In this type of disclosure, the company or producer pays for each form registered.

Channels for the dissemination of a product

After defining the ad format in Affiliate Marketing, it’s time to choose the channels to promote your product.

See below, which are the main channels for promoting a product.

Social networks

One of the most efficient channels for promoting a product is social media. In them, the affiliate can have an incredible reach of potential customers and, through quality content, it is possible to influence the public strongly.

It is through social media that digital influencers generate a lot of income by advertising products. The most used social networks to advertise and advertise products are Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, but others such as Twitter and Pinterest are also used for this purpose.

You need to identify which of these social networks your target audience is on before making any investment. Social networks also help to generate engagement, which is an essential item in Affiliate Marketing. That’s because engagement boosts the conversion of readers into leads and leads into customers.


E-mail marketing

Anyone who thinks that email marketing is a strategy that is no longer used or fails to generate results is wrong. Many companies still use email marketing as a channel to promote a product or service and will continue to use it for a long time.

Email marketing is a way for affiliates to get closer to potential customers without getting in the way or inconveniencing them. Ultimately, users allow us to contact them if they leave an email in exchange for interesting material.



Having a blog is one of the best (if not the best) affiliate marketing strategies. That’s because, as I’ve said several times and I never tire of repeating, the blog is yours, and a business built on a platform entirely yours, where you dictate the rules, publish whatever you want (with common sense, of course), it’s safer, and you can invest without fear.

Unlike the use of third-party platforms, such as Facebook, for example, where you build your entire business, but which can be blocked or even banned if you disrespect the rules imposed by the owners. You can use the blog to publish useful and quality content for the audience you want to reach and even add as many links as you think necessary without being punished for it, which is not possible on third-party platforms.

You can monetize your blog content in a few ways, such as:

  • Leaving your affiliate link throughout the content;
  • Adding banners to the bottom or sides of a page;
  • Creating content related to the product or service you promote (reviews, for example).


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