Best Practices in Affiliate Marketing


#1 Choose the best strategy for you

You have two strategies to choose to work in Affiliate Marketing: promote the product on a website or blog or work with ads. You need to choose the strategy you will use to know if you will need to create a website or blog, which will make it necessary to create content and apply SEO strategies. And if you decide to work with ads, you’ll need to create ads on platforms like Facebook Ads and Google AdWords.

#2 Choose a product carefully

It’s important to know that not every product is trustworthy. Among good products on the market, there are those with many records of complaints and are even accused of fraud or deception, who have promises impossible to fulfil.

So be very careful when choosing a product to promote. Before you join, you can search and get more product information on Google, reviews, previews, and complaints… before you join. Your success in Affiliate Marketing is directly related to choosing the right product. If your product is reliable and of quality, it will consolidate in the market. If it’s bad, the result is the opposite.

#3 Try to understand your audience

To be successful in Affiliate Marketing, they need to understand what the public wants and how it behaves within your blog. If you do not know the audience you want to reach, your marketing actions will not be efficient, and you will lose everything you invested.

The content on your blog and the ads you make need to be relevant to your audience, or you won’t get good results. Google’s engines contextualize the content of websites and blogs with ads. Then you realize how important it really is to create ads and content relevant to your audience.

#4 Create content relevant to your audience

Consumers are increasingly demanding and, therefore, they are not so easily convinced with an ad on their blog or social networks. If before the consumer had no voice in the purchase process, today he is the centre of that process.

So don’t just place a banner on the side of your page or at the end of your content. The public wants more than that. Before making a purchase, the user conducts research, reads reviews and reviews about the product, and seeks to know if he has any complaints about it on sites.

If you publish relevant content related to the product you promote, you will gain a loyal audience and, through a relationship of trust, the user will buy from you. If your audience trusts you, every time they think about buying a product, they will see if you sell or what you recommend. And this trust is earned through relevant and quality content that adds value to the public.

Create relevant content on your blog about the product you promote. Explain how it works, the best way to use it, the benefits it offers… When you have a very engaged audience with your content, you will realize how powerful your recommendations will be.

#5 Create relevant ads

Did you find the idea of ​​creating relevant ads strange? Many people believe that ads don’t need to be relevant to the audience and that shooting ads around will generate a lot of sales.

But that’s not true. The truth is that many affiliates promote their products through ads on Facebook Ads and Google Ads, for example, without thinking about whether that product is relevant to their audience. Even some malicious affiliates use deceptive strategies to get the audience to click on the ad. 

But, when this strategy works, it lasts a short time, as this type of affiliate cannot build a solid business that generates long-term results, let alone a loyal audience. When creating your ads, think long term, choose to use efficient and relevant communication, thinking about your target audience, and you will have real success.

#6 Test other programs and offers

Even if the affiliate program you are using generates good results, that doesn’t stop you from testing others and testing new offers. Of course, as a winning team does not move, continue with what is already working as the main focus of your strategy, But you can try other offers to increase your chances of generating more income.

In fact, taking tests is an essential item in Affiliate Marketing and digital marketing. Choose two or three affiliate programs to promote and test to see which one generates the most results. This strategy is best suited for those who have been in the market for some time. It is a mistake to think that all affiliate programs are the same.

Not all affiliate programs have the same conversion level. There are affiliate programs that pay affiliate commissions by the week, some by month, some pay on the first click, some pay on the last.

Some programs have a 24-hour cookie, others a 7-day cookie, some a 30-day cookie… These differences between affiliate programs are capable of generating extremely different results from each other. The conversion volume between one and the other can be quite different depending on the sales page for a particular product. That’s why it’s so important to test different programs and offers and compare the results generated.

#7 be patient

Having the patience to wait for the results of all your efforts with Affiliate Marketing is essential for you not to give up on your business. Working with a blog, creating content, attracting organic traffic, building an email list… all these require a good deal of patience and persistence.

At first, the affiliate is usually excited when he generates a sale and sees the commission payment falling into his account. But, he is often disappointed by not seeing great results.

This is completely normal. The results of your affiliate efforts will come over time and will be sustainable. It may take a long time to work only with Affiliate Marketing, but your structure will be sustainable and growing. You must be patient and persistent.


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