How to create a blog website from scratch with WordPress


The first step is to make your blog website ready.

First of all you have to make a blog website.There are many free blog providers, and it’s really all about what you want to do. They can be made for personal usage, education, business use, promotion of products and services, etc.

Before you start writing, choose which style you want your blog to have. You can choose the theme and header, and even customize the color of your header and posts, too.

Then make your blog ready by installing plugins that will help you get more traffic from search engines, social networking sites and RSS feeds. You can also install AdSense from Google, and they will put their ads on your website.

It’s all about what you want to do.

Blog creation

The first step is to choose your blog name. There are many blog name generators, so just choose a name you like. You can also make it as “personal” as you want to, which I think is great for learning and education purposes. It’s a great way to create a blog.


It’s essential that your posts get noticed. I highly recommend using WordPress for blogging. They are easy to install, free and offer great features and plugins that will help you get traffic.

You should also set up email auto-responders, so that your emails will get delivered to your inbox. You will use this for promoting your blog and getting more traffic.


The third step is promoting your blog. This is a great way to get more traffic, and I highly recommend having social networks channels, RSS feeds, social bookmarking, search engines, social networking and social networking tools on your blog. This will get you more traffic.

I highly recommend doing this three steps at a time. You won’t get anywhere if you do it all at once.

For getting more traffic, follow these steps:

1. Post regularly

Most people have a problem writing quality content. It’s very important to post quality content, not just content that’s read. Posting more, reading more and commenting on other people’s content will help your blog get noticed.

Post regularly
Posting blogs

2. Social network

Social network sharing
Social media network. Connected users by sharing information

Join and join daily or at least daily and then comment on other people’s content. The more active you are, the more traffic you get. And it’s not a one-way traffic. Your links will get “passed” on the network, and they will give you some of their traffic too.

3. SEO

Use SEO tools such as social bookmarking tools and social network tools to make your blog SEO friendly. Search engines will like your blog because of the backlinks, and search engines are always looking for new sites.

Enable SEO for blogs
search engine optimization

And the last step is what I highly recommend you do:

Submit your blog to the search engines: All the top search engines, especially Google, want to see fresh content. So submit your blog to the ones that can get your blog to the top, such as Google, Yahoo, and Yahoo News. Also submit your blog to the social bookmarking sites and social networks.

With these strategies, your blog will get indexed in search engines, and it will get traffic from social bookmarking and social networks. And this is not just a traffic. It also brings credibility to your blog because blogs that are updated and read tend to have more links coming from other blogs. And this has an effect because they often link to one another. This can increase their popularity, and your blogging exposure.

Submit your blog to article directories: There are a lot of them, and they tend to update their directory frequently. And it will give your blog a higher ranking in the search engines. And a good article directory can increase your blogging exposure by the number of links coming from other blogs that are in the same niche, and also by the articles that you have on your blog. And a directory link can lead to the number of page views because people will take note of your blog.

This is how to blog. I hope you gained a few things from this post. The second is, you can make your blog update by posting an article every day. Just be sure that you update your blog in order to gain a higher rank on Google, and also Google loves fresh content.

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