How to generate free traffic for your blog?


You have lots of resources to generate free traffic for your blog, but still your blog is not converting visitors into buyers.

Here are a few proven methods you can try to make your blog more search engine friendly:

1. Submit your blog URL to popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. You can enter your blog’s URL using a service like Feedburner or add your blog’s RSS feed to these same search engines.

2. Join social networks. In social networks you can find plenty of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Add your blog’s URL to those social networks and write some short articles related to your blog.

3. Join article directories. Insert your blog’s URL to dozens of article directories. These directories rank highly in Google and therefore help to make your blog more popular.

4. Use key phrases. Use phrases related to your blog’s content, and search engines like Google will pick them up. Use a keyword suggestion tool to find those phrases.

5. Write informative and short articles. These articles can help to drive targeted traffic to your blog. You can write a short 100-word article with your blog’s URL, or you can write a 500-word article with your blog’s URL and then submit it to a few article directories.

6. Add your blog’s URL to your online CV and LinkedIn profiles. There are plenty of online job applications you can apply to. Use your blog’s URL to offer as many articles as possible.

7. Submit your blog’s URL to social bookmarking sites. Social bookmarking sites such as Feedburner and Facebook are free, but many have a paid subscription option. The premium service allows you to pick how many URLs to submit to bookmarking sites.

8. Add your blog’s URL to online forum signatures. Forums are one way to get noticed, by posting a link to your blog. You can add your blog’s URL to forum signatures that you use in online conversations.

9. Post a comment on forums and discussion threads. Forums tend to have a top section that includes active discussions. When you post an informative comment, that comment will be seen by other participants.

10. Use article directories. This is an additional way to get traffic to your blog. There are plenty of article directories such as EzineArticles, GoArticles, GoJournals, GoLocal and EzineIndex. Find links for your blog’s URL in these directories and then submit your blog’s URL to the article directories.

11. Write a brief ebook. Create a brief eBook about your blog, with content related to your blog’s content. The purpose is to attract attention and potential subscribers to your blog’s RSS feed.

12. Find a good directory to submit your blog’s URL to. There are plenty of directories to choose from, such as Feedage, MyDirectory, DirectoryZone, eMarketer, and Yahoo Directory.

13. Share your blog’s URL with others. You can share your blog’s URL to your Twitter followers and ask them to subscribe to your blog.

14. Promote your blog. If you do not want to do it yourself, someone else can. You can let other people find your blog by posting on forums or discussion threads. There are plenty of online businesses that offers free promotional services.

15. Create an opt-in page. Create an opt-in page, where visitors can sign up for a blog alerts. This is an easy way to promote your blog. You can also share an opt-in page to a forum or a discussion thread.

16. Write press releases. You can write press releases about your blog, about a particular topic or a big news item, by using a press release tool. This is an effective way to promote your blog and generate interest.

17. Promote your blog. If you want to generate interest, you can promote your blog on social networks and social bookmarking sites. Also, share your blog’s URL on social networks, social bookmarking sites and Google+.

18. Create a cool banner. Create a cool banner that describes your blog’s content. Another way to promote your blog is by using visuals.

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