How to Publicize Your Affiliate Links?


In Affiliate Marketing, there is not only one type of approach but several types of ways to work that generate good results. The affiliate market allows you to create different types of businesses, and it’s up to you to choose the one that best suits your case. So, check out the different types of approaches to Affiliate Marketing below.

Blog content and organic traffic

Many affiliates generate income by creating blog content through organic traffic. Through a blog, the affiliate will promote the product within the published content and, through interesting and quality content, he will generate organic traffic to increase sales.

Niche Sites

Those who think that only the large market niches generate income are mistaken, such as, for example, the slimming, digital marketing and makeup niches. Smaller niches are quite profitable and even easier to work with, especially if you are starting now, as the competition is less and you can focus on a more specific audience.

Many affiliates are working with smaller niches and generating a lot of income through marketing strategies applied to a blog or website.

Product review sites

Sites that specialize in making comparisons and product reviews are another prevalent approaches to Affiliate Marketing. This approach works by comparing prices from thousands of different products and stores and convincing the consumer to buy the product at the store they refer to using the affiliate link.

It is widespread to find websites that review and compare cell phones, tablets, notebooks, and other electronic devices. No matter the size of the site, from the most popular to a newly created blog, this type of content attracts interested users.

Application websites

Another popular approach is app comparison. This is also a way to work with Affiliate Marketing. Many people are promoting apps and use a website or blog to compare and review those apps.

These people join some apps and earn commissions every time a user downloads them.

Digital product disclosure

Another approach to Affiliate Marketing is the dissemination of digital products. There are several product affiliation platforms in the market where you can register, choose a product to affiliate, and start promoting through the exclusive affiliate link.

This is a great way to generate a lot of income as products offer up to 80% commission. The info products market is increasingly consolidated in all parts of the world.

So, if you want to enter the world of Affiliate Marketing, promoting digital products is a great opportunity.

Paid advertising

In addition to promoting products by creating a blog, you can also work as an affiliate promoting products through ads on Facebook Ads, Google AdWord or other specialized platforms.

I strongly recommend creating a blog to work with Affiliate Marketing. That’s because all the work structures you create will be safe on a platform that is yours and not a third party, and everything you do will generate results in the long term.

That’s not to say you can’t work with paid advertising either. In fact, many people prefer to work only with ads and don’t create any structure for their business, which is quite risky; after all, the third-party platform doesn’t offer much security.

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