How to work with Affiliate Marketing? Step by step


You understand how beneficial it is to work with Affiliate Marketing, and, therefore, I’m going to leave you a step-by-step guide to learn how to be an affiliate.

1. Choose an affiliate platform

There are currently several platforms specializing in physical and digital product affiliations.

On this website, you can check out the best affiliate platforms. Assess which is best for you and your professional goals. As I mentioned here, Hotmart is focused on the digital products market and offers commissions of up to 80% of the sale value. At the same time, other platforms only offer 4-8%.

2. Choose a product to an affiliate

The second step to working with Affiliate Marketing is choosing a product to affiliate with and promoting it. But it’s not just any product you’re going to choose. Before choosing a product, you need to consider some points, such as the persona of your business, the value of the product, and the percentage of commission if the product is of quality…

If you’ve created a blog that talks about marketing, you’re not going to affiliate with a weight-loss product. You need to choose a product that is consistent with the business you’ve built, the theme of your blog, and the content you publish.

I advise you to get to know the product thoroughly before promoting it, to confirm that it really is reliable and quality. After all, you don’t want to lose the credibility and trust you gained with your audience by promoting a bad product that doesn’t deliver what it promises, right?

If possible, buy the product and use it for testing and ownership to speak to your audience. But there are other ways to know if the product is good, such as on the Hotmart platform, for example, where you can check the Blueprint score, an index that qualifies products according to the information that the producer registers in the platform.

Therefore, the more details you have about the product and qualified information, the higher the score.

3. Educate your audience / Promote your product

Educate your audience about the product you promote. You can do this by publishing content of value to your audience related to the product you want to sell.

In addition to blog articles, it also offers other rich materials, such as e-books, infographics, podcasts, posts in stories on social networks, videos on Youtube, among others. Take advantage of all the communication channels you have and that your audience is present and do surveys, for example, to generate engagement. You can listen to your audience and know the needs and desires of your audience.

4. Work with Ads

A step that is not mandatory but that you can invest in and generate even better results is working with paid advertising. As long as you’re working out your organic strategy, nothing stops you from using ads to get faster results.

But remember that the consumer is increasingly demanding and is now the centre of the entire purchasing process. So if you want to work with paid advertising, make sure your ads are consistent with your target audience.

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