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Watching TV online is already the best way to enjoy your favorite shows, isn’t it? Open TV doesn’t have that much variety, and the programming doesn’t always meet what you want to see at that moment. Not to mention the excess of ads during programs. Therefore, TV on demand has been gaining ground in the market.

In addition to the convenience of seeing what we want, where and when we can, the cost-benefit ratio of streaming services is usually more attractive, with very affordable values. In other words, you pay to have the programs available, and not for multiple channels that in many cases you won’t even watch. Among the hottest services in the movie and series market is HBO Go, the platform for HBO pay-TV channels. Read on to find out how HBO Go works and how to sign the app!

What is HBO Go?

HBO is an American channel that transmits series, movies, documentaries, sporting events, musicals, and stand-ups. Its name comes from Home Box Office. Originally, HBO works on cable TV packages. Over time, it gained divisions and more channels with segmented programming:

  • HBO: is the channel that shows movie and series releases, as well as sporting events;
  • HBO 2: shows the same daily schedule as HBO, 
  • HBO+: brings more programs, such as behind-the-scenes production of the film, as well as series marathons, shows, and boxing matches;
  • HBO Xtreme: Displays adult content as well as action, thriller, and horror movies;
  • HBO Signature: shows more cult movies and special series ;
  • HBO Mundi: brings together international cinema, series, and special documentaries;
  • HBO Pop: features the most popular movies that everyone likes;
  • HBO Family: As the name implies, programming is geared towards the family, especially children.

Already HBO Go is a service on demand, the person watching whenever you want, without relying on the program showtimes pay TV. This means that anyone who subscribes to a TV package from any operator can download the HBO Go app. The app appeared in 2010 but only arrived in Brazil in 2012.

In the streaming schedule, all content is available for the subscriber to watch. However, as with Netflix, every month there is news coming and other titles coming out of the grid.

How does it work?

If you already have HBO channels on your pay-TV, then surely HBO Go is available now at no extra cost. Just access the HBO Go icon on your Smart TV. However, if you are not a subscriber, no problem. You can pay to watch just for the service, without having to hire an operator and install modems or antennas. Too easy!

If you want to start enjoying all the HBO programming now, you need to go to the site and register. You can also download the app from Google Play, Roku, or the App Store and register there. Remember that you have 7 days of service experience, if you don’t like it, you can cancel without paying anything. 

The monthly subscription fee is R$34.90. To take full advantage of HBO Go, you need a good internet connection. The platform also offers the possibility to watch it online or, if you prefer, you can download it to watch it later, when you don’t have access to the network.

How to watch?

HBO Go can be accessed by the following devices:

  • iPad;
  • iPhone;
  • Xbox 360;
  • Playstation 3;
  • Android.

It is also possible to watch on notebooks, computers, and on Smart TV. If you don’t have one, it’s possible to put the internet on television.

Series and movies

HBO produces quality content, including award winners. These are famous series:

  • Oz (1997) was the first successful HBO series. It realistically tells the story of a maximum-security prison;
  • The Sopranos (1999) is considered the best series of all time. It tells the story of a family of mobsters;
  • Game of Thrones (2011), the publicly acclaimed series, is based on George RR Martin’s The Chronicles of Ice and Fire. It tells the story of the seven kingdoms of Westeros and the struggle for power;
  • WestWord (2016) also tells the story of another world, an amusement park of the future;
  • Big Little Lies (2017) received several awards. It’s a mystery series, with a first-rate cast.
  • Chernobyl (2019) is a miniseries that recreates the nuclear accident in Russia in 1986;
  • Greg News (2017) is a type of talk show presented by Gregório Duvivier, from Porta dos Fundos;
  • His Dark Materials – Frontiers of the Universe (2020) is the darling of the moment. Perfect for fans of fiction and fantasy, the series promises to win over audiences.

Hollywood blockbusters are featured on the HBO Go grid for you to watch whenever you want. See some examples:

  • Joker (2019);
  • Zombieland: Shoot Twice (2019);
  • Angry Birds 2 (2019);
  • Supreme (2018);
  • OG (2019);
  • Queens of Crime (2019).

Other contents

HBO Go offers, in addition to movies and series, great documentaries such as:

  • In the shadow of the towers: 9/11 in Stuyvesant;
  • Abortion: story told by women;
  • Leaving Neverland;
  • Out of the closet.

The streaming service also has special children’s programming and special collections, both from original productions and other studios.

For sure, HBO Go is among the best movie and series apps. In addition to all the advantages we’ve already mentioned, a behind-the-scenes news channel with all the latest programming is available to users. And now that you know how it works, you can subscribe and enjoy all that the app has to offer!

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Understand how streaming movies and HBO Go!

Watching TV online is already the best way to enjoy your favorite shows, isn't it? Open TV doesn't have that much variety, and the programming doesn't...

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