What is PWA and why is it a great strategic trend for your e-commerce


Since the appearance of the first mobile devices, globalization has intensified, and so, technology is advancing more and more, where every day a new application is played with some important definition. Because of this, professionals working with e-commerce need to keep up with the growth of the digital world to keep their business innovative.

Therefore, the question remains among entrepreneurs: “Should I have an app?”

Developing and maintaining a native app, one that is platform-focused and capable of accessing all the features of a smartphone, is often over budget. With that, another form of technology that we use between the interaction of an app and the web enters : the PWA . This method can be revolutionary for your store, as it can improve your customer relationship on mobile, in addition to providing a standout among competitors.

What is PWA and how does it work?

The acronym PWA is an abbreviation of Progressive Web App , or, Progressive Web App , the name given to websites that are built using features that were previously available only to applications. It’s a new model that links the methodology of modern browsers with the benefits of a mobile browser, that is, it has a hybrid feel, where your page will look like an app , but in practice it won’t be.

The app is developed by three languages ​​that are widely used in website creation: HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but its functionality looks a lot like that of a traditional native app. There is no need to download from the App Store or Play Store, and you will be able to offer the user push features and offline support.

PWAs are created with APIs (Application Programming Interface), which are a set of modern definitions and instructions used to access an application. This type of Programming provides excellent installation features, and helps to reach anyone, regardless of where they are or what device they’re using, with just one code base.

Most of the sites we find online are PWA . Twitter, for example, we can install it normally, and when we open it in the browser, we notice that it works the same as the downloaded app. There is no difference in tinkering with an iPhone or an Android. That’s why it’s so important to make the web application with PWA in mind. 

A PWA-enabled website starts from a webpage, and shortly after the user installs, they receive a notification to add to a home screen.

Google Developers has made a list of important features about PWAs, to make the customer have a good experience :

  • Progressive: Any user can have access to available content, regardless of the browser they are using.
  • Responsive: has the ability to fit any device, be it desktop, mobile or tablet.
  • It works offline : it has technologies that guarantee the user the operation of the main functionalities of the application without the need of an internet connection. It is also optimized for working on low quality networks.
  • Similar to apps: navigation and user interaction is similar to an app, as it uses the same visual and perceptual structure.
  • Current: is always up to date due to a service running in the background.
  • Secure: Due to HTTPS (data connection encryption), information shared in a PWA application cannot be tampered with and has little risk of intrusion.
  • Due to the W3C manifest, PWA applications are recognized by search engines as an app and are easily found.
  • Engaging: With features such as push notifications, among others, it is possible to engage the user and make him interested in using your solution.
  • Installable: Even though it doesn’t need to be downloaded from an app store, a PWA ensures that the user can place the app’s icon on their home screen, behaving similarly to an app after that.
  • Linkable: for the user to have access to it, a link is enough, reducing the friction of the app stores.

Apps offer greater engagement , which is why people invest so much in them. Push notifications only appear to those who have installed the app, so messages will appear prominently on whatever digital platform the user is using. They can be customized in many different ways, such as character limits, lines and formats, depending on your operational side. They can ensure positive approval from users.

Care of SEO in your PWA

PWA was developed interconnected with search engines to be more agile in searches. Some use JavaScript to create more complex functions, but maybe that’s not ideal. You need to make sure when configuring PWA that JavaScript is accessible. It must not block files for bots and the links must all be available. You can also use server-side rendering to make it easier.

Transforming the site into PWA does not mean directly adapting it to the benefits provided by SEO . However, if you have a good PWA, it can bring great satisfactions from the customer, and thus get ahead of several competitors. Doing a mobile SEO strategy analysis can also be advantageous to go over.

Use PWA to improve your e-commerce

PWA may not replace native applications, but we can be sure that this can be an innovative strategy and that it will bring great benefits to those professionals who know how to invest in the strategy to improve their business.

This new feature has good potential to grow and become a trend among e-commerce owners and other internet entrepreneurs.

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